Successful estate planning results in your estate being distributed efficiently and precisely according to your wishes. ‘Efficiently’ in that your legacy will reach your heir(s) without unnecessary taxation or other penalties. ‘Precisely’ in that your wishes have been carefully formulated and communicated, and then translated into the most appropriate financial arrangements and the wording of your Will. The financial aspects are determined by working with us; the legal aspects are handled by your solicitor.

In short, a sound financial strategy underpins and works in conjunction with the content of your Will. They must both be right for you. And getting them right requires expertise. Together they make up your ‘Estate Plan’. You need the peace of mind that only confidence in your Estate Plan provides.

There are hazards. And many of our clients are well aware of them.

Nowadays, family structures are often less formal, less predictable – and certainly more changeable. This includes not just situations within our own relationships, but those of our children. Relatively recent changes in societal attitudes, while so often beneficial, also introduce complexity and uncertainty in terms of what may happen to our estate.

We have worked hard, built and accumulated objects of value and have saved. We also have a clear idea of whom we want to see inherit the fruits of our labours. Imagining that our plans might be diluted at best, or thwarted at worst, because of a poorly designed Estate Plan causes the unprepared much angst.

Fortunately, there are strategies by which you, as an individual or as a couple, can implement lasting protections that help ensure that your singular intention of benefiting your loved one(s) is protected against all kinds of unforeseen eventuality – and becomes reality.